Practical security

TSEC is right next to security professionals in their everyday activity, offering effective, high-security solutions with an unbeatable price to quality ratio.


competitive advantage

Thanks to TSEC’s innovative, high-tech solutions, our partners gain a competitive advantage that allows them to outperform their competitors.

ease of installation

All our products are engineered with simple, streamlined installation as one of the primary targets.

cost savings

We offer high security sensors, components and installation solutions which provide substantial installation cost savings.

innovative technologies

In the end, all of these advantages derive from one, simple but disruptive fact: TSEC develops only innovative technologies. Every single one of our products offers something new, that did not exist in the market before. We are not interested in replicating existing technology: we only want to offer our customer 21st century products.
CLH-201-M surface mount magnetic contacts.
VAS-400 and VAS-800 analysis board for passive vibration detectors mutiple independent channels.
INXPECT MSK-101 smart motion detector based on FMCW radar technology
MACS Mems-based anti climbing system
CLV-02 surface mount vibration sensors.
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